Website Management & Maintenance

Your website is the foundation of your business’s online presence. People visit it to learn about your business and the services or products you sell.

The Internet is a tremendous world in which you need to keep your eyes open, to ensure that your business on the Internet is safe and secure, and performs its role correctly and effectively that benefits your business.

If your website is not functioning properly or is outdated, you may lose significant opportunities, such as new leads and sales, as well as a bad impression.

Website maintenance is about keeping your website healthy all the time.
Managing and maintaining a healthy website is what will keep your site up to date and working successfully.

This service applies only to WordPress and Joomla websites.

Website Management and Maintenance start from a basic task such as keeping the website secure and system core updated to a daily task, such as content editing, images, graphic designs and development.

Every website is different from one to another. Message me to discuss what is best for your website